Re: [MH-list] Curly wurly hosepipes

Buff Eagle <buff@...>

c) and then there's the (I think) more modern 'curly-wurly' hoses that
would seem to
combine ease of use with ease of storage.
> Has anyone here got one?

We came across this type of curly hose at a C&CC site . . . it was just a
bundle of curled up hose which was plonked on top of the standpipe/tap . . .
. it didn't occur to me that perhaps it would take up less room than a
coiled food standard blue hose in a stuff bag, but perhaps it would. Hugh
unravelled it easily enough, and it then just sprang back into the
bundle/coiled shape.

I am sure there are technical terms for what I have just described, but I
can't think what!

Buff :0)

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