Curly wurly hosepipes

Steve Wilson <steve@...>

I suppose every hosepipe ever manufactured might fall into one of three categories.

a) there's your everyday garden-variety (arf arf) hose which is cheap to buy, yet kinks
easily and folds ... erm ... eventually.
b) there's the flat ribbon-like stuff that winds onto a reel (slowly) but can be stored in
very little space.
c) and then there's the (I think) more modern 'curly-wurly' hoses that would seem to
combine ease of use with ease of storage.

Trouble is, I don't know anybody who has used such a hose. And it's perhaps significant
that it's the solely the 'bargain-basement' type shops that stock this stuff. At least in my

Has anyone here got one? One concern I have is that the hose might be so tightly
coiled, the user might struggle to use the thing at any useful extended length. Rather
like some of those coiled bicycle lock cables.

-Steve Wilson

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