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Sent: Friday, May 30, 2003 3:16 PM
Subject: [MH-list] Fiat Waring Lights Update

Just to let you know, they fixed my engine cutting out and funny
warning light comming on.

Throttle rheostat, (Well done Dick Lane, correct diagnosis) fixed it.

At the same time they fixed a speedo failure (gearbox out!) and all
under the Fiat warrenty. Not bad on a 27 month old grey import.

Well Done Fiat.

Glad to hear that it's been fixed for you, Gerald - and under warranty too. That's exactly why I wanted you to persevere with
Fiat instead of taking you up on your suggestion that you let us fix it for you. We would have been happy to do so of course, and
if it hadn't have worked out with Fiat we would have had a look at it for you. As it is I'm glad it's all worked out OK for you
without our help.

Interestingly enough I thought about you a week or two ago when I collected a brand new Hymer from the factory. It ran as smooth
as silk until reaching the UK when it 'threw a fit' half way up the M1. It started with a mild loss of response that escalated into
a big loss of power, resulting in 10 mph on the hard shoulder for 5 minutes. We actually stopped the engine and restarted it
several times, thinking that this might re-set the 'chip' - and although I can't actually say that it did the trick, after a few
minutes we eventually did get full power restored, with an occasional misfire that lasted for another twenty minutes. The rest of
the journey was as 'smooth as silk' again and the loss of power has so far not recurred, despite the fact that it has since been
delivered 300 miles to the new owner in Dorset. The symptoms are exactly what you would expect from a blocked fuel supply (dirt or
water in the diesel) and in fact my twin brother (who is an airline pilot and not in the motorhome business) was all for
investigating the fuel filter. He was convinced that we had picked up some dirty fuel in France. As I knew exactly what the problem
was I restrained him, of course, but only when we appeared to have the power magically restored did he really believe my diagnosis
of a faulty throttle pedal rheostat! He should have known better as he flies the latest glass cockpit 'fly by wire' aircraft with
controls that work with exactly the same principle.


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