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Dick Lane Garage

Hello everybody
I'm pleased to say that I am over the worst (ophthalmic shingles) now and on the road to recovery. I'm told there should be no
permanent damage to my sight or my hearing, so that's a great relief because I actually lost my sight in one eye for several hours.
Not a pleasant experience! Still on pain killers but back at work for a few hours a day.

I would like to thank everyone who sent me their 'get well' wishes, whether by e-mail, SMS text message, or by phone and by
snail-mail, and in particular

Ernie Bull
Vin Rigby
David McMillan (I've got some Hymer bits for you, David)
Ray Hankey and Julie
Trevor Mace
Mick Estridge
Stuart (still retired)
Stewart and Julie
Capt David Magee

and others.

I am deeply touched by your concern for my well being.

Now I see I have several hundred posts to read and catch up on!

If anyone out there is still waiting for a reply from me about anything, please send me a reminder as otherwise it may take me a
day or two to realise.

Thanks again, everyone.


Stephen - Dick Lane Motorhomes
Leeds - Bradford

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