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Simon Whitehead

Relating to Continental Vanco tyres, a couple of weeks ago I uploaded their technical data book on those tyres. It is a pdf file and is about second to bottom in the file list.

I like Vanco. They are quiet and quite reasonable in the wet and so on. They are also readily available which, in turn, makes them reasonably priced.

My Hymer has the Michelin Camping Tyres and I think they are horrible. Firstly, being Michelin, they are not too good in the wet as the compound they use is rather hard. Secondly, they are expensive and actually no different than most other commercial tyres they make. I took the van to a garage the other day and they showed me a tyre that had almost the same tread pattern but was commercial not 'camping'. They both had the same load index.
I have said it before and I am still standing by the notion that Michelin are selling the tyres as 'Camping' as a marketing ploy. And why not? Thats fine, but don't be fooled its only the writing on the side that makes them different.

I am sure that will get me into hot water but its just my opinion.

On 29 Apr 2004, at 14:10, Andy Clarke wrote:

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004 12:29:02 +0100, Allan Quirk wrote:

Try and get Conti VanCo tyres fitted. Much the better.
Continental Vanco tyres came out very well in tests carried out by a
German Motorhome magazine.

I see that Continental have introduced a 195/75 16 Vanco tyre with a
higher than usual load index, might save some people having to pay extra
for 205 section tyres in order to get the higher load capacity. See:

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