Re: [MH-list] Water Tank - Level Warning

Simon Whitehead

It can still be resistive since the resistance is between the two contacts and providing they are both underwater there will be a measurable resistance.
On 28 Apr 2004, at 16:41, KaraPaul wrote:

Paul wrote:
On my control panel, the red light indicating PRIMARY WATER TANK < 1/4
is permanently lit even when the tank is full.
Andy Wrote:
It's probably resistive, the circuit is broken when the level drops
leaving the top contact above the water level. I would suspect that there
is a break in the wiring somewhere - failing that, there could be a
fault in the electronics that control the warning light.

Thanks Andy ..... However, the 2 terminals are positioned horizontally.
Does this mean that it can't be resistive ?
Simon Whitehead

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