Re: [MH-list] Water Tank - Level Warning

Simon Whitehead

It sounds like you have the resistive type of sensor. It is quite possible that the wire has "dropped off" somewhere. On my old MH it was the earth wire that had parted.
trace both wires to their ends and that could be the cause.
It is also possible that the electronic part has failed but that is less likely as the sort of basic electronic device is normally very reliable.

Simon Whitehead

On 28 Apr 2004, at 12:00, KaraPaul wrote:

Hi Folks
On my control panel, the red light indicating PRIMARY WATER TANK < 1/4
is permanently lit even when the tank is full.
I have "felt around" ! inside the tank and I can feel 2 small nuts and
bolts about an inch apart at the point where 2 wires attach to the outside
of the tank - approx. 1/4 distance up from the bottom. This must be the
sender unit location. Does anyone know how these sender units function ?
Is it some kind of resistance detection (depending on whether or not the
water covers the terminals) or is it usually a kind of float system (which
on mine has possibly been removed)? .... if so, where can I get a
Although this is not an essential item, it is niggling me so if anyone has
any idea of what I am waffling about, I would appreciate advice to help me
to get it working correctly.

Also, many thanks to all who replied to my posting a couple of weeks ago
RE: Silver Screen Material (which I have still not been able to source).

LHD 98R Weinsberg Toskana 100 - 2.5Tdi

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