Water Tank - Level Warning

KaraPaul <PB2000@...>

Hi Folks
On my control panel, the red light indicating PRIMARY WATER TANK < 1/4
is permanently lit even when the tank is full.
I have "felt around" ! inside the tank and I can feel 2 small nuts and
bolts about an inch apart at the point where 2 wires attach to the outside
of the tank - approx. 1/4 distance up from the bottom. This must be the
sender unit location. Does anyone know how these sender units function ?
Is it some kind of resistance detection (depending on whether or not the
water covers the terminals) or is it usually a kind of float system (which
on mine has possibly been removed)? .... if so, where can I get a
Although this is not an essential item, it is niggling me so if anyone has
any idea of what I am waffling about, I would appreciate advice to help me
to get it working correctly.

Also, many thanks to all who replied to my posting a couple of weeks ago
RE: Silver Screen Material (which I have still not been able to source).

LHD 98R Weinsberg Toskana 100 - 2.5Tdi

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