Re: [MH-list] WD40 web page tips

Buff Eagle <buff@...>

WD40 is a wonderful concoction...
Have a look at to find out all about this amazing
It's brilliant stuff.... Do I need to get out more? :)
"Morning All" :0)

I couldn't sleep, so, being even more of a 'sad' person than Darren I have
been browsing the WD40 web page!

" Here's a great tip for instant traction when your car is stuck. Keep a few
roof shingles in your trunk, glove box or tool compartment. When stuck in
mud or snow, place some shingle under the rear wheels for traction. You'll
find it will get you out of almost any stuck spot. Shingles are an
especially great aid for foul- weather traction. So is cat litter or sand. "

Buff :0)

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