Re: [MH-list] Water heater problem

Simon Whitehead

My Truma 6XXX series heater has a mains element for the UK market. It has never worked and i have spoken to the technical guys about it and they admit that there have been problems. There are two thermostats, one is the regular temp set one and the other is an over temp fail-safe. This one is supposed to reset its self when the power is removed. In my case it isn't doing that and I suspect that is your problem too. Mine doesn't have a manual reset button (I wish it did). They say it must be replaced under guarantee but that is with Hymer in Preston and I am not at all sure I will wait that long - I live in Exeter and get to Preston about once every million years. Sorry, rambling again...
I think that you need a new heater ring. I suspect it isn't burned out but the thermostat has failed - safe.


On 26 Apr 2004, at 14:11, Heather wrote:

I have a 2000 AutoSleeper Pollensa.

I've not used it since last year when I obviously forgot to turn off the
mains water heater.

I noticed this yesterday when I plugged the van into the mains before I
primed the water pumps. The light on the heater's mains master switch is on
(so I assume that the power gets that far at least) but the heater does not
work. The little red trip switch on the end of the heater is not out and the
heater seems to work on gas (though I've not left it on for any length of

AutoSleeper encase the thing so I can't check for a loose connection.

Everything else seems to work OK

Any ideas before I make an appointment with the dealer?

Simon Whitehead

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