Re: [MH-list] Re: MOT in Bude Area?

Simon Whitehead

When I had a Pilote I was told, by Tounty Tyres on Alphington Street, Exeter that the MOT weight limits were weight dependent and the weights did NOT align with the driving or revenue limits i.e. 3.5 Tonnes. Their weight limit was 3 Tonnes. This meant that although the vehicle was a motorhome (and under 3.5 Tonnes) and therefore was allowed to be MOT'd in the same category as a domestic vehicle, it was too heavy for them. It seems that this isn't just an equipment limitation (I seem to remember them saying they could lift considerably more weight) but some sort of administrative limitation.
Save On Tyres have a pit rather than a lift and certainly they can take high vehicles. They also have the necessary licences to MOT motorhomes. I am not sure how heavy they are allowed to go but I am confident that it is much more than 3.5 Tonnes.

As they are one of the few places around here that will do big and heavy vehicles, they get rather booked up so plan ahead!


On 14 Apr 2004, at 16:37, Tim Sinclair wrote:

'Save -On-Tyres' in Exeter (Marsh Barton Trading Estate) does Motor
Homes up to and over 3.5 Tonnes. Its where I get mine done.
Thanks Simon - that's a useful tip for me too, but am confused by the
'up to' AND 'over'. Must be one or the other!!

Simon Whitehead

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