Re Butane regulator pressure gauge

Mark Williams <Mark@...>

Otherwise, shake the bottle? :-)
Or weigh it:)

All bottles should have a full and empty weight stamped on them
somewhere. I use a fish scales (spring scale) to weigh mine.

Maybe someone could invent a scale that sits under the bottle. You
tell the scale the full and empty weights and it warns you when you
are getting low and gives you a bar graph of the the amount of gas
left. Of course this would only work when stationary.

Maybe that's the route to my first million:)


Not wishing to do you out of your first million but, Truma market such a
the Sonatic with a remote readout inside the van, there not cheap though &
only fit certain cylinders.

I have only ever fitted two of them some years ago, they don't seem that

Mark (W)

Waveney Technical Services

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