Re: [MH-list] Those who "believe" as opposed to know


--- In, "Darren" <daz@m...> wrote:>

That's not nice!
Iain has helped may people along the way. Yes he sometimes rubbed
people up the wrong way, but it's easily done :)

I thought that we were trying to steer away from such remarks.

Play nice.


I'll sit on the fence here and agree with you both. Iain appears to
be very knowledgable and he doesn't mind sharing that, which is a
very good thing and all to his credit, as helping one another is what
this list is about.

Plain speaking can often come across as plain rudeness, and in the
print medium, at least, when you have time to consider what you say
before you write it, that shouldn't arise. I think by and large we
do 'play nicely'!


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