Re: [MH-list] Talbot Express - radiator replacement

Simon Whitehead

Depending on the state of the rest of the radiator, it is often
possible to get the rad re-cored. This is usually MUCH cheaper than
buying a full replacement.
If you cannot do this then try to find a replacement from a third party
manufacturer. Companies like PartService often supply this sort of
Another possibility is to try Fiat or Citreon. Their equivalent vehicles were amazingly similar. Fiat parts are usually a lot cheaper
than Peugeot.

On 2 Apr 2004, at 09:01, Peter Moore wrote:

Coming back from the IoW the other day and two miles after leaving the
ferry warning light came on!

Looks like the radiator has had it. Anybody had experience of
one or any advice as to best place to have it done.

Living in Gloucester and the main agents want £250 +VAT for the
radiator alone!


Simon Whitehead

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