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We bought the Fiamma grip strips, which have been useful - except last time,
the van wouldn't budge and the wheelspin generated enough heat to smooth the
ridges out - so now utterly useless!!! The trick is to place them under the
wheels before you park...if you have an assistant.

Does anyone have experience of rear wheel drive motorhomes? Do they have
better traction (like the Ford double wheel chassis used byRimor)?


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yes agree, I have returned my bits of timber to the van but still have a
cleanup job in the cab area when it is fully dried out.

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> > Hi Pete, I made the double error of leaving my wooden blocks at home
> > had purchased a pair of plastic ramps which were of no use in this
> situation
> > so I had no adequate surface to spread the load when jacking up. You
> > mentioned 'grip track' in your posting, I read in some postings some
> > ago on this list that this was mentioned, where did you get yours?
> >
> > Vin
> I brought the grip track at the Lincoln Show, I like it because it is
> to store. You can roll it up in a number of shapes to fit in any
> hole. The one time I used them, they did the job, admittedly with the
> of a few bits of wood. If anyone else has used it I would be interested
> their views about its usefulness compared to chopped up bread basket or
> those bits of plastic they sell which I thought a 3.8 ton vehicle would
> easily demolish.
> I don't carry those plastic ramps (made by Fiamma I think). I carry two
> planks of wood cut to fit in my external locker and I chock these up to
> desired height
> to create ramps for levelling. I find they are much stronger than
> ramps. (I bust a set second time out) Planks and chocks can be
> used for other purposes and I find this a much more flexible solution,
> park on planks on soft ground, use chocks under jack and as restraint
> wheels need chocking etc.
> Pete D
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