Re: [MH-list] WHAT TO DO?

Simon Whitehead

On 30 Mar 2004, at 20:44, dave harrison wrote:

Hi All,

A puzzle I have a Daytona coach built motorhome 1989 Talbot
diesel PAS with two single 6' 6" beds. I am trying to decide whether
to add
a turbo and have Derek at Delfin mod the gear change if he is fit
enough to
do it, or sell it and get a newer one. The problem so far is that
trying to
find a motorhome that fits the bill, the maximum length I can get on
drive is 19' 6" and being over 6' 2" I need at least one bed 6' 4/6"
long! I
had a good look round Driffield show last week but no luck does anyone
of a van that comes near? Every dealer starts say use the double bed,
when younger, we all would take delight in climbing over the wife in
night but when one gets older the sleep is more beneficial.

Your thoughts please.


Dave C.
We went through this type of dilemma recently and a number of worrying
things led us to buying anew.
The manufacturers of vans (Fiat Ducatto, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen)
believe that the typical van is only expected to last 2-3 years after
which it is junk. The reason for this is that the typical van - a
white delivery van - does enormous mileage every year and it is worn
out mechanically. Now, this doesn't apply to all van sales and they
reckon to support the vehicle for 10 years after it is sold. This
means that 10 years after they stop making that particular model they
will stop making most of the spares. Our motorhomes last a lot longer
and it is fortunate that third party companies pickup some of the
support on the way. The problem is that the third party manufacturers
don't make all the parts, just the ones that sell reasonably well.

I have an example of this issue: I used to own a Talbot Express based
Pilote R800 and its brake master cylinder went which is the sort of
thing that happens to a 10 year old vehicle. Peugeot couldn't supply
the right one at all and Fiat could but at the price of £700 because it
came with the vacuum servo. In the end I found a master cylinder from
a third party supplier for £80. I was completely unnerved by this as
it led me to believe that the parts were going to become harder to get
and, as I already said, it is precisely this type of part that one is
going to need as the vehicle gets older.

I had already had Derek's gear change mod fitted (and a wonderful
improvement it was - well worth it) and Air rides as well but we felt
that further improvements would be machine life-limited so in the end
we bought anew.

I wish you luck with your decision,

Simon Whitehead

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