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Simon Whitehead

There is a fiamma device that we have fitted to our Hymer driver's door
(well, it isn't the drivers door on the RHD version). It covers part
of the door lock and has a separate key. It is, at least, visually
We also have the fiamma safety handle on the main door. That is great as it helps my disabled mother to get in and out as it can be used as
an access handle as well as a security lock. It is also visually


On 29 Mar 2004, at 17:32, Chris Martinson wrote:

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todays BBC2 programme "Working Lunch " had an interesting story on a
company which helps fledgling businesses start up ....
one of the companies featured ..Protek-dor .. was started by a lorry
driver who claims to have been the victim of a gassing whilst parked
I looked at their website ( and the "kabgard"
unit seems very effective. A large clunky solution but a good visual
deterrent as well. Don't know how much £ they are but they are not
yet made for my Fiat. I e-mailed them and they are beginning to
develop more models for the motorhome market now they have made some
impact wih the lorry companies.
As we are going to Spain for the first time this summer I am taking
very careful note of all the warnings and ideas put forward,
especially the baseball bat! When it comes to safety, I think a
little paranoia can be quite healthy.
Safe travelling!

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