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mark <carpathianmoonrise@...>


terrible thing to hear about your night at salisbury.I had a
similar event happen to me and my wife wild camping at whitby
abbey.I finished work on this particular friday evening and headed
to whitby about 7pm pkd up at the car park which had a population of
about 5 other motorhomes.After saettling down we had a bottle of
wine and then settled to bed to have a read of our books.About
11.30ish loud bangs were heard on each side of our van Uschi jumped
out of bed scared witless which i think upset me more than the
idiots outside.without thinking i jumped out the van with nowt but
skimpy shorts on and armed with 2lt wine bottle.Isaw 2 youths just
jumping back into their car with 2 giggling blondes in the back
seat.i must have been a bit of a shock to van as i have very long
hair,tattos and most parts pierced.All i saw was four paniced faces
in a honda and that fuelled me even more.I went on to tell the two
young girls where i would shove the broken shards of the bottle i
was waving around after i smashed it over their boyfreinds
heads.This seemed to have the desired effect as i have never seen
such panic in my life as 4 obviously shit scared youths left that
car park at about 50 mph.daft thing to do ,probably but i refuse to
let these people interfere in my private life.I have on many
ocassions had this happen to me in the wagon i drive for a living
but to do the same thing in my private time and to my property was
not on.did they come back? i dont know.i wanted to stay and wait for
them but my wife preffered to move on.As she is the boss she got her
way and we moved to a car pk near the whale i left the car
i saw to young couples having sex on the grass on other "boy racers"
pkd in the corner.turned out there was a meeting of performance cars
at pickering and there was a few staying at whitby.I have stayed on
other times at the abbey and had no trouble,so fingers crossed.And
for the record i have changed the wine bottle for a rounders bat
(strictly to play rounders with of course)

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