Re: [MH-list] UK Aires etc./Stop over campaign

Simon Whitehead

I wouldn't fill the insulation bit with anything rigid so car body filler wouldn't be my first choice. How about Sikaflex. This cures to a rubbery finish and can be painted over. Is the hole (that we are not supposed to ask about but obviously we would all like to know...) any where near a convenient position to place a new side reflecter or some other cover? Sikaflex can be obtained from any self respecting chandlery and is the bees knees for any sort of sealing.

Simon Whitehead

On 28 Mar 2004, at 18:05, John Clemence wrote:

I'm now back after 3 weeks in France. I must have missed most of the debate on aires etc but as a newbie I can say I have enjoyed the freedom of wild camping during the last few weeks but did also feel a little vulnerable at times. One thing that appeals to me is the chance to camp at some very peaceful & beautiful places and another aspect, (being rather anti-social), is the solitude but this does contribute to the vulnerability. This vulnerability would be more acute on longer breaks to unknown areas, it would be great to find other like-minded individuals who had plenty of free time and while not wishing to live "on top each other" could travel to different areas together as I am sure there is less chance of attack/robbery when there is more than one camper. In future years I would like to spend a few winter weeks in Spain or Portugal but imagine that could be hazardous?
Any thoughts / advice?
I have enjoyed my first foray into motorhoming and benefited from the wealth of experience in this group in choosing and setting up my vehicle but I have another practical problem where some advice would be appreciated, I have managed to gain a small triangular hole in the coachwork, (don't ask!), about .5" x .5" x .5" and some adjacent scratching, the hole is through to the insulation. Would a carbody type filler be appropriate to effect a repair? The vehicle is a white Swift Royale, what sort of paint would be best to finish? could the adjacent scratching be "Tee-cut" out. I appreciate that without sight of problem advice would only be general.
Thanks for a great forum.
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From: Buff Eagle
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I just feel that
drawing attention to a borderline activity (wild camping) that is
currently just tolerated, may prove counter productive.

I've wild camped on many occasions in the UK and never been woken by
anything, let alone the local constabulary!
Martin Bennett
I agree with you Martin.

I think two different things are being discussed here . . .

I would like more public car parks to have external taps so we can fill up
with water easily, and a separate low tap in the toilet area for easy
swilling out of camping toilets once we have emptied it down the loo.

I don't want somewhere where I can park for the night near the toilets as
that is not what I want to do on holiday!

Incidentally garbage disposal was difficult in Yorkshire as it has been
decided not to put out anywhere for the public/tourists to dispose of
household waste. Hugh asked in a tourist office about it and they say that
they have much less rubbish around now as people just take it home with
them. There are bins for recycling, glass, plastic, cardboard, but nowhere
for bags of rubbish. NONE!! We kept one bag with us for two days before we
found somewhere, usually in a town centre.

Buff :0)

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