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Simon Whitehead

On 22 Mar 2004, at 17:49, wrote:

Thanks for that info. Simon. I do like canals too; is that one navigable?
Yes it is navigable. The Exeter Ship Canal is a staggering 5.5 miles long and runs from the Exe estuary to the Basin near the city centre. It has two main locks - Turf & Double Locks. Turf is at the seaward end. The entry to the canal is tidal and has to be achieved a few hours either side of high tide. The whole thing has to be booked with Jack Nott, the Harbour Master (who can be difficult!) and is a 'right pain'. The real issue is the longest viaduct in england (apparently!) which goes over the canal with an air clearance of only 10 metres. Whilst there are provisions for striking and stepping the mast to enable transit, who would dream of doing such a thing mid season when you can't even stay overnight at the basin because the council forbid it - at the moment.
This whole thing with our canal is really annoying and I am easily 'got going' on the subject. Soon, however, the attitude may change as public pressure is being brought to force a different approach by the council.

Sorry, this is a bit of a rant!
It isn't just motorhomes that councils discriminate against. I can (and do) go on for hours...

Anyone really interested should email me directly!

Simon Whitehead

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