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I would suggest that you book some sites as August is the time of year that
all of France is on holiday and pitches will be few and far between even the
Aires will be full I suspect. The weather will probably be good at this time
of year but everywhere is crowded. We went once in August and vowed never to
do it again if we could avoid it.I don't want to appear too negative and
would suggest that you keep well away from the regular tourist areas and you
might find it quieter.
Cheers for now and whenever you go enjoy it

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Subject: [MH-list] France in August

We are taking the van to France from August 9 - September 2.
Having only booked a crossing we would appreciate any advice
regarding campsites at this time of year.We are reluctant to book
many in advance, preferring to roam.Are we likely to encounter
problems finding pitches at this time of year and if so are there
suitable places to top up with water and dump the waste should the
situation arise where we are unable to find a pitch.
All advice gratefully received.

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