[MH-list] Re: reply from burnham on sea council


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On 22 Mar 2004, at 16:13, Robin Eccles wrote:

This is an important point - I was not aware that it was an
to sleep overnight in one's vehicle on the highway (including
carparks) unless there were specific signs forbidding it.
I don't think it is an offence to sleep in one's (legal) vehicle
overnight on the highway - unless there is a specific bye-law
forbidding it.
Exeter seems to attract the traveling community and we have lots of
vans over-nighting in the streets. Some even have tax! I never
anyone bothering with them.

So it really makes these signs on the motorways rather redundant,
doesn't it? I mean....'Tiredness can kill: take a break' rather
pales into insignificance alongside the 'Thou shalt not park
overnight and sleep in your vehicle' attitude of town councils. Why
do they think we carry our beds with us? In those areas where we
~are~ actually allowed to park overnight - but not sleep in the
vehicle, is it therefore all right to sit up in the driver's seat on
first watch while the other travelling companion dozes off?


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