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Simon Whitehead

On 22 Mar 2004, at 16:13, Robin Eccles wrote:

This is an important point - I was not aware that it was an offence
to sleep overnight in one's vehicle on the highway (including
carparks) unless there were specific signs forbidding it. Perhaps any
legal beagle on the list can clarify this.
In this case I think there would be no grounds for an offence, but
please correct me if I'm wrong.
I don't think it is an offence to sleep in one's (legal) vehicle overnight on the highway - unless there is a specific bye-law forbidding it.
Exeter seems to attract the traveling community and we have lots of vans over-nighting in the streets. Some even have tax! I never see anyone bothering with them.

An interesting point comes to mind about car parks. In Exeter we have numerous car parks which don't have height barriers but do have the 'No Overnight Camping' (or its equivalent) sign posted. Whereas the penalty for not displaying a correct ticket is clearly stated on the pay-and-display board, there is no penalty shown for overnight camping, so what would it be I wonder? In all cases the signs are extra to the main parking info sign. It is definitely the case that they are an after-thought so I suspect there is no fixed penalty and providing you have bought a ticket there is little they can do other than tell you off - after the event. I don't think the authorities are allowed to apply fixed penalties without advertising them.

The best car park for day visits in a high vehicle in Exeter is the Haven Road Car Park. Please use it as it is the most underused car park in Exeter and there is a significant risk it will be built on if it is seen as redundant. It is by the Canal Basin (1830) which is the terminus of the oldest pound-lock canal in Britain (1566) and is within easy walking distance of the city centre.

Simon Whitehead

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