Re: [MH-list] Talbot gear linkage

Simon Whitehead

I had my Talbot based Pilote gear linkage converted by Derek (Delfin) and it was a great improvement.

When Derek took off the old parts we both inspected them and there were some major damage to the old linkage. Most of the plastic cups had split and there was a crack in one of the metal parts. Derek then showed me the read engine mount. This was completely loose and the excess movement was the cause of the extra stress on the gear linkage. None of this was ever picked up by an MOT! I think that proper maintenance would improve the gear change enormously - and check the rear engine mount!. The engine mounts sold in Germany were a huge improvement on the one for the UK. I have now sold on the vehicle and I don't have any of the data anymore.

Simon Whitehead

On 19 Mar 2004, at 22:04, Andy T wrote:


I have seen in here before reference to a talbot express gear linkage
replacement to make gear selection more positive.

How much is it and where can I get it done and is it a DIY project at

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