Re: [MH-list] Gas storage tanks

Don Madge <donmadge@...>

On Fri 30 May 2003 12:12:56 Tony wrote

I saw in one of the M/van magazines an advert for gas storage tanks
permanently mounted (for domestic use rather than Vehicle fuel) about
£250 or so. I am now unable to find the advert,
Are you thinking of an LPG tank (cost about £500) usually bolted or fixed to
the chassis
or such like or a refillable LPG bottle (cost about £220) that can be
secured in your gas bottle locker.
The refillable gas bottles (usually 13kgs) can have an external filling
point which saves having
to remove the bottle every time it needs refilling. Both systems can be
refilled at any garage
selling LPG.

I know of three places were you can get either.

TB Turbos of Lancaster.

Robin Dumpleton Ace AutoGas at Scunthorpe

Richard Cecil MTH Autogas at the Forest of Dean area. autogas or Tel: 01594 563538 Mobile: 07763 958081

I know Robin and Richard both do a very good job and will be a lot cheaper
than TB Turbos.

You can check out the refillable gas bottle on TB Turdos website

I hope this helps. Sorry I don't no anybody in the SE.


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