Re: [MH-list] Re-fillable gas bottle's - Size of GasLow's new 11kg bottles

Simon Whitehead

On 2 Mar 2004, at 10:42, Neill King wrote:

Me too. The TB bottles are "300 mm dia" and our 11 Kg Flogas etc bottles are
300 - 305 dia and two go in the Hymer 544K gas locker OK.
Good, they should fit my 564.

I'm told they have sometimes
installed bottles with a slight tilt to get round this.
Thats what they said to me too. The clearance on the calor collar is only 1 cm so I can imagine that tipping the cylinder slightly would be necessary.

The second is that the 13 Kg is an 'equivalent'. Calor fill by weight
whereas the TB bottles are filled by volume, auto shut off at 80%. A fill of
25 - 26 litres was quoted which is quite a bit more than 11 Kg but less than
13 Kg.
At 0.5 kg per litre (surprisingly close to 0.5) its 12.5 to 13 kg

Also a possible issue in small lockers is just where to route the filler
I was hoping there might be enough room to create a bracket between the two cylinders and put the filling point on that. In that way, the filling point is still inside the locker and would require absolutely no mods to the vehicle.
For the moment, until we have more info on the Gaslow version, I am still minded to go with TB Turbo cylinders.

Simon Whitehead

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