Re: [MH-list] Re-fillable gas bottle's

Simon Whitehead

Are Gaslow offering a remote filling kit with this setup?

Although I don't intend to make holes in my nice new MH, I can see that
a remote filling kit that is secured inside the gas locker would mean
that I would leave the cylinders secured and not have to make/unmake
the gas connection every time I refill the cylinders. Also it would be
less obvious I was refilling cylinders which is a bit contentious for
Calor and some list members have reported problems with 'the
management' of the fuel stations. It maybe I have misread previous


On 1 Mar 2004, at 12:06, Colin Roberts wrote:

Thanks to all for the replies on gas and security,
I have just come off the Phone after talking to Richard at Gaslow, [
01509-843331 ] and 2 x 11Kg refillable cylinders are for me, I think a
few of you folks have already been talking to him at the NEC. as I got
the impression that due to the volume of enquiries he has received
from you folks, was the deciding factor to go into production with the
11Kg cylinders, availability 8-10 weeks, and at an estimated cost of
£200 for the kit and 2 cylinders seems to be good value for money, he
is putting info in the post to me,
-- Thanks again for the feed-back.
Colin R.
Simon Whitehead

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