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Simon Whitehead

My Hymer says 2x11kg cylinder but we have fitted 1x13kg and 1x6kg calor. Some people say they can fit 2x13kg but I haven't been able to - yet. If you buy French cylinders how will you refill them in the UK?
I will be buying TB Turbo refillable cylinders as they are smaller in diameter but still hold 13kg (so they say...). I will be able to get 2 of those on the locker and the refill is remote so once in they won't need to come out. I will be able to refill them abroad from lpg stations (not spain) and that will, i believe satisfy the most alarming issue I have from a recent ski trip - fear of running out of heat!
A 4 year old camper is still a big investment so the cost of refillable cylinders (which can be kept back when selling on the MH in the future) is, for me, a well worthwhile investment.

Can one get folding buckets that have a support frame rather than simply behaving like carrier bags full of liquid?


On 1 Mar 2004, at 08:22, Colin Roberts wrote:

Hi to all.
Can I please pick the brains of the experts :-)
CI Riviera 2000 model, on Fiat Ducato.
The information sheet/manual say gas cylinder storage 2 x 11Kg, actually fitted are 2 x 7Kg cylinders, I assume the 11Kg would be the continental cylinders, Italy/France etc, as these are bigger capacity, I hope to travel over to france with 1x 7Kg UK cylinder, and buy 2 x 11Kg cylinders in France,

1 . Does any one know the cost of the French 11Kg cylinders

2 A supplier of French type regulators in the UK. *((( I should have paid more attention over the past few weeks to the mail on here)))*

3 Any suggestions on the above would be most welcome ***I think*** :-)

Any suggestions on a good security system, make/supplier/phone No etc, I have the standard Fiat key code system, an engine battery isolator switch,

any help / recommendations most welcome,

Thanks to site owners and user's for the well run, very informative, well humoured, amusing, hilarious site,

PS-- my shoe size is 7, you only need a small bucket :-) :-) :-) Excellent Harmony !
Colin R...

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