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Simon Whitehead

On 29 Feb 2004, at 22:17, Voxy wrote:

We had Michelins on the Pilote. Pilote hand book said 55psi all
round. After an email to Michelin, they said 47psi would give a far
more comfortable ride- and it did!
We also had Michelins on our old Pilote - until I changed them for Vanco. The result was a much quieter ride. Fortunately I never had occasion to put the stopping distance to the test!

We now have a new Hymer and it has, I am sorry to say, Michelin X Camping tyres. So far, I have no real problem with them other than a suspicion that they are a little slippery in the wet. Michelin make tyres that last a long time; they do many more miles than say, Pirelli but they do this at the expense of grip. Since I am an average motorhome user in that I only do about 6k to 8k miles per year, I don't need long distance tyres. I would like the tyres to grip well and when it comes to changing them I will be buying something like Vanco.

I recently took the vehicle on the French autoroutes and when traveling through the peage I discovered that we weighed 3700kg in total. There were just two of us and we were not, I had though, particularly heavily loaded. I am not concerned too much about the legality of this minor infringement, but I do worry about the tyre loading.

The tyres I have are 215/70 R 15C which are rated at 1030kg per tyre (single tyre) since the rear axle is rated at 2000kg total, I feel that the margin is a little tight and I will probably be increasing the width of the tyre to 225/70 as this takes more load (1120kg). Checking the Continental pdf files, I find that it is OK to put a 225 on a 6J wheel rim. There will be a small error in the speedo, but I am not bothered about that.

Lastly, the tyre pressure suggested by Hymer for the 215/70 R 15C Michelin X Camping tyres is 5.0 bar for both ends. 5.0 Bar is 73.5 psi. The tyre says 80psi max.

Simon Whitehead

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