Re: [MH-list] Truma Water Heater BS10

Simon Whitehead

I have the Truma 6000 C series heater which has the same hot water supply (but 12L not 10).
I can confirm that the green light should be lit if it is working OK. I also get a red light if there is a problem - such as no gas.
In addition to the green and red lamps there is also a yellow light that comes on during the 'heating-up' phase.
Assuming your heater is functioning correctly (as far as you can tell) I would suspect the lamp. I have a truma gas control that is supposed to have green light that clearly doesn't work. Maybe truma control switches are not as well made as they might be...

The electric heater in the boiler doesn't work at all in my truma.


On 23 Feb 2004, at 21:07, Colin Roberts wrote:

Hi to all.
Help / information required.
I have a slight problem with a Truma storage water heater, 10 litres capacity, gas operation, 12 volt control.
gas and voltage all OK,
heating the water on 50c and on 70c settings,all OK.
red led comes on if no gas OK.
* but the " green " led never comes on ? according to the manual, the green led should come on as soon as you select 50c or 70c setting !
any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciate
best regards
--Colin R.

Simon Whitehead

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