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Simon Whitehead

The issue with battery charging is not that the charger WONT put out enough current, but that the Gel battery will be damaged if it is charged at too high current.
There is a very good note on this from Victron Energy (who make the WhisperGen) on battery issues. Look at and go for the technical info button.
Anyone looking at better chargers must take on board the details about battery technology. They are important and if you want your leisure battery to have a reasonable life you must heed the advice.
My Hymer is new and, for the moment, I am stuck with the built in charger. According to the spec it should do a half decent job and I should get a reasonably high charge into the battery.

A better charger is always useful and as we have been told many times before, the normal charger only charges to around 80% (I note that you say 70%). The problem is I don't want to have to run a genny or be around for a couple of hours each day when i would rather be skiing or apres... I think I can get away with using 2 batteries to give about 180 Ah total. I also think that photovoltaics would help, albeit at a price.

I was skiing at Les Arcs 1800. My daughter is working for one of the companies as a rep and so thats why we went there. I simply parked in the public parking and managed to find a horizontal(ish) spot. Last Year we went to Alpe d'Huez because thats where my daughter was then. The parking opportunities were better there because one of the spots was along side a piste offering ski in - ski out! No body seems to mind in France where you park a motorhome. I think they reckon that buying the lift pass pays for most of it; and so it does!


On 21 Feb 2004, at 23:19, David Jobson wrote:

From: "Simon Whitehead" <>
I recently finished a skiing trip in my Hymer with an alko chassis -
Where were you ?
I am collecting night stops for skiing and Alan is posting them

Recharging the battery was the real issue and I found that the charge
current was limited to 10 amps which means that we would have had to
run the engine for an hour just to put back an eighth of the capacity.
We actually ran the engine for about 3/4 hour max each day.
Have you got a Digital Advanced Alternator Regulator
If you don't, running the engine does not charge battereis very
efffectively - max 70%
See new thread.
Hopefully some one will tell us both!
Simon Whitehead

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