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Simon Whitehead

I recently took delivery of a new hymer and was confronted with the same news; that a tracker was needed to satisfy the insurance requirements. We had one fitted as that was the only way of dealing with the issue.

I am curious about your comment that you would lose some of your NCB. Why?

Given the rate of depreciation new vans suffer, I would think that, as you suggest, you just might be under the limit.


On 17 Feb 2004, at 15:08, Ruth wrote:

My insurance is coming up for renewal, my van has been insured with
same company since new 2 years ago.
The brokers tell me they now require tracking systems as a condition
of insurance, for vans above a certain value. We had an expensive
alarm system fitted to our new van, so I am reluctant to shell out
what is a huge amount of money on another system. Changing brokers
would mean losing a proportion of NCB though.
We may now fall under the value threshold, so could renew without
fitting one but at a higher premium than a dearer van with one
I am interested in other members views or experience of these
systems in general and also in relation to insurance requirements.

Tell me your tales!

Regards, Ruth

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Simon Whitehead

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