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On EE if you pay for a £10 add on/ month this will cover the months roaming charges,can be done through their app month by month.

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Date: Tue, 10 May 2022, 18:09
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> Our last trip was mid February to late March, in Spain.

So at £2 a day to use a mobile phone's ability to navigate in the EU,
that would cost about £200 on Three.   A massive increase!

> I have a gps but it doesn’t get me internet. It does use satellite positioning which is great. I also have a satellite dish which I use for tv. All those folk who said it was better to stream from laptop will now have problems

Our current day society has been moving away from dedicated devices,
like TVs, GPSrs and cameras, to jack-of-all-trades devices - so called
smart phones.  However with brexit, society is now seeing price
increases.  Everyone will now have to adapt and go back to previous
methods.  We don't stream as we consider that the extra energy
consumed is contributing to climate change.

Our motorhome has not been used for two years due to covid and a year
before that because of my wife's and my health situations.

Yesterday, we switched on the TV and satellite dish controller that
has not been used over those three years.  Fortunately they both still


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