Re: EU Roaming Charges

Mick Potter

I thought that my experience might be of interest in this discussion.

I'm with TescoMobile, which uses the O2 network.

When we're at home, we use very little non-WiFi internet, but we go away for 6-8 weeks at a time to Europe in our 'van, a couple of times a year, and then our usage increases significantly.

When my last contract expired, I waited to see what the different networks did with regard to roaming charges.  I saw that O2 and Tesco were not charging for roaming, so I took out a two year contract, hoping that if things changed I would at least get free roaming until the end of the contract.

As I had occasionally had to buy extra data while travelling (and 'extra' data is always expensive), I went high: 30 GB for me, and 12 GB for my wife, on a 'family discount'.  Also, when I had taken out a previous contract, I was given a free 6 month trial for Tesco Plus - this gives 10% off two shops per month plus a few other discounts, and *double data* on one phone account. 

The Tesco Plus now costs £7.99 per month, but it is not difficult to get two shops to total more than £80 in a month to recoup this, so it is effectively free (unless I'm out of the country for the whole month, which happens occasionally!).

So, for £20.50 per month we get 12GB plus 60GB, with free roaming in the 'Home from Home' countries.  I think this is pretty good value, especially if you use Tesco anyway.


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Still got my good ol GPS unit for that very reason!

On 09/05/2022 17:38, Alan Morris wrote:
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>> In other words, it costs £2 per day in addition to it comes out of your own data allowance and it is charged automatically as soon as you use any data like when you try to navigate to the local supermarket on google maps
> Maybe an increase in sales of good ol' GPS receivers!
> Alan



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