Re: EU Roaming Charges

David Scholes

This is the current deal from 3. I suspect that it will be the same with Smarty and virtually the same with all the others.

For a fixed daily charge, set out below, our Advanced Plans allow you to use your UK allowance in any of our Go Roam destinations to contact a UK number (starting 01, 02, 03 or a standard UK mobile). You can also use your UK allowance in a Go Roam in Europe destination to make calls to standard landline or mobile numbers in other Go Roam in Europe destinations. Fair use policies apply - see page 21.
The daily charge to unlock your UK allowance:
Go Roam in Europe destinations - £2. Go Roam Around the World destinations - £5.
The daily charge will automatically be applied to your bill as soon as you make a chargeable event (such as your device accessing data services, or you make an outbound call or send a text). If we are unable to process your daily charge (such as you reaching your credit limit, or your account not being in good standing) you will be unable to unlock your UK allowance in the Go Roam destination.
It’s free to receive calls, texts, photo messages and video messages when in a Go Roam destination on our Advanced Plans.

In other words, it costs £2 per day in addition to it comes out of your own data allowance and it is charged automatically as soon as you use any data like when you try to navigate to the local supermarket on google maps


On 8 May 2022, at 20:41, Steve via <vancamping@...> wrote:

I should have been clearer, by abroad I meant the EU, referring to my friend in Portugal.

From Smarty:

"EU Roaming

Use your SMARTY plan anywhere in the EU

  • If your plan includes calls and texts, they work just like home. They’re unlimited with no extra fees.
  • Subject to our fair use limit, you can use up to 12GB of data each month. Data comes out your monthly allowance or data add-ons.
  • No hidden charges. No extra costs."
As I said, Smarty is part of Hutchison/Three.

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