Re: EU Roaming Charges

David Scholes

The last information i had from 3 said that everything remained normal until about July when free roaming in the EU would end completely
And be replaced by ‘a simple daily charge for roaming’.
As far as i understood the others of the big 4 were doing the same but a little earlier.
All of this they claimed was because of brexit. As we are outside of the EU they no longer HAVE to do it so they aren’t.


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We have three Three contracts, 2 mobile phones and an internet one which predate the deadline. I'm counting on the old rules applying- I took the internet contract out specifically for the motorhome. I have a 4G router in the motorhome, plus a switch, a NAS, and a media server etc to use with a Firestick.
I did have two PAYG phones with Three and both are still active,
however mainly used only for receiving phone calls. One is our SMS
number registered with everyone that needs to text us. Mainly
delivery companies but also our GP.

The Three phone on a £5 a month contract was cancelled when it's cost
was increased (see previous posting in this thread) and is now on iD
(piggybacked on Three) at £6 a month, which is not unreasonable. But
the 4GB data with Three was lost at the end of the month. Now with
iD, it's still 4GB a month but overflows to the following month. So
effectively 8GB a month.

For all of our BB, I have a B535 4G Mi-Fi at home running on mains
with a 12 volt PSU. Could be used in the motorhome, but I also have
two battery (3G and 4G) Mi-Fis.

Don't count on the old rules applying as the T&Cs have been changed
with Three. It will now cost MORE !


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