Re: Over 70s Driving Licence

Alan Cocks

Wow, I never questioned mine
vehicle is 3300 kg max, I dont seem to have any dates against C1 on
the licence, but I have B
Is that appropriate?

On 29/11/2021 17:11, Andy Clarke wrote:
Yes, C1E is included. Up to 8250kg.

Be sure to check the licence when you get it, mine arrived without C1
on it, had to send it back for a correct replacement!

On Mon, 29 Nov 2021, 17:07 Simon Whitehead, <
<>> wrote:

I am shortly going to reach that dreaded age of 70 and thus I must
renew my licence.  I am going to apply for the renewal of my
C1/D1 entitlement but it isn’t clear on the D2 form whether the
C1E is included in that.  I know that a few of you out there have
already done this, so hopefully someone can tell me.  I have been
phoning the DVLA but they have a message saying that they are
inundated with calls and cannot answer.

Simon Whitehead

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