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Well done Steve. 

I expect to see you with a small van next year then - just for the odd day trips, weekends, perhaps the odd week etc ;-) 

Good luck,

PS I would be interesting to hear how you find Airbnb compared to motorhoming. My wife always fancies the idea, but I’m not so keen - I like all my own kit and the illusion that I can take off anywhere at anytime. 

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Thanks for your advice Martin and messages of thanks from others.

We have just sold our Weinsberg to a small dealer based near Doncaster.

It was a pretty painless exercise and the price we got worked out at less than 20% depreciation over six and a half years so can't complain.

We have been doing some analysis and in 29 years of motorhoming we have had five motorhomes, stayed away from home for about five years,  the longest being 100 nights in 2015, and this year only 14 nights. We have toured as far as Slovenia, Germany, Portugal and many nights in France.

I haven't dared tot up the amount we've spent!

Our CMC and CCC subs aren't due for renewal until March so we will review the situation then.

The large empty space on the drive will grate for a while but we have many pleasant memories in log books, photos and on our website.

We met a few of the group many years ago at a couple of rallies, in particular meeting Andy and Don at a rugby ground in Hull.

We are planning some trips out in the future thanks to Airbnb etc and will stay on the list for the time being.

Enjoy your travels when and while you can!

Steve and Sheila

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