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Sorry to hear this & I hope your health problems improve. 

Over the years I’ve tried most of the selling options and they all have their disadvantages. 

Selling to a dealer is the easiest, quickest and generally you get the least, but it’s pretty secure and if you are dealing with a reputable company you will get what they said provided your van is as you describe it. 

Private - should maximise your return as long as you are realistic, people expect to pay less than from a dealer as they have no come back/ guarantee etc. It can take a long time and you can waste a lot of time showing people and then waiting for decisions and everyone expects to haggle about the price etc. Then you have the problem of dealing with the payment side. Much easier these days than when I sold an American RV to someone in a Scunthorpe pub car park. The guy had Coe fro Germany to buy it and was returning from Hull with the van that night. He brought a suitcase with half the amount in and a Banker’s Draft for the rest. It was a Saturday and we rushed to Meadowhall to pay in £23k just in case it was funny money!  Not good for the nerves. 

Brokerage - I’ve not tried the latest incarnation, but in the mists of time dealers would “sell” your van for you and I did try that. Agreed a price for me to get, but they then priced mine very high to make the stock they owned look good value for money. After a month or so I removed it from them - just as well as they went bust just after and had sold a lot of vans without returning any money to the persons owning them. Subsequently the police visited me because they had taken an HP agreement out on my van!

To sum up, they are all ok but take care and walk away from any potential deal if you don’t feel completely happy with it or the people you are dealing with it. 

Good luck 

PS doesn’t seem 5 minutes since we were both buying our vans fro Premium - not used ours much this year either - mainly day trips. 

On 21 Oct 2021, at 15:57, Steve Pyke via <esspyke@...> wrote:

After twenty eight enjoyable years of motorhoming we are thinking about selling our van, a Weinsberg Caracompact 600MEG 2015 model 22520 miles while the market is still good for sellers (I hope!)

This is mainly because of health problems and we have hardly used it except for days out into Peak District this summer.

I can't believe how much stuff I've taken out of it's garage!

The question is what is the best way to sell: Private which I'm cautious to do reading about the scammers, to a dealer for cash, probably for a shockingly low price, or by dealer brokerage which again I have read can be problematic and take a long time.

Looking at the prices dealers are asking it has hardly depreciated in six years.

Anyway have anyone in the group have any advice or even know someone who is looking for a motorhome??

I'll keep our website running for a while as we may return to the fold one day.

Take care and enjoy your travels

Steve and Sheila Pyke

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