Re: ADVICE please


21st Century Tech - You can try and ignore, but it is here and will only develop further ………

There is no need to pay for a newspaper subscription they are all (Not the TIMES) available FREE from the library service.

All you need is a current library number and they can be viewed on Apple or Android - every day there is your new daily paper, and it is not locked to current country (sometimes you need to use a VPN to access services, more tech) so where ever you are in the world your daily paper is still available to you.

PLUS ! ! !

You can also have free magazines

So MMM Practical Motorhome. Campervan. Le Monde du Camping-Car

Plus all the leisure mags. Golf, Fishing. Sailing etc.

How do I know about this stuff - I am a Library Volunteer and give lessons/instruction on how to use the Library Service in West Sussex - so if your are 9 or 90 - I do the training on how to use the library

If more info is needed I can put it on here - or go to your local library get signed up, they should also have a facility to guide you through any setup problems.


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