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There was and hope still is a member on this site who had a website for all  things electric on Motorhomes anybody help.





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Martin suggested I forward my latest round-robin 'log' to the group as it's mainly about campervan living and may interest others. So here goes - it comes with an attachment. Not sure it'll work.




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Tim's log 2021 - moving where?


Tim Sinclair timsinc@...


Address of my home for last three years plus (previously a well-used holiday cottage) is Westfalia Club Joker, Anywhere, post code n/a - but hopefully with a good cell phone data signal.


As for that house name .... I'm in no fan club of Candid Camera or any tv prank show. Blame the builders from over there in Germany, where a joker is seen as the wild card in the pack. It can be anything. 


Turns out for me to be a home.


Yes, I'm living in roughly 5m x 2.5m of space - seasonal wardrobe changes, bedding, cheese, bread and all. Oh yes, a tipple or two as well. Talk about downsizing. Not had nightmares yet, but the day of reckoning will come - two separate storage areas with life-long accumulated possessions out of sight and refuse-to-look-at mind.


You may understand my day-to-day laissez-faire with the attached illustration* of fairly easy life with having only minimum essentials. Include Covid-permitting different views with no council tax, utility bills, mortgage, or gutters to clear. Minor in comparison are the vehicle insurance, maintenance costs and pitch fees.


Dawning though - age and reality of this rapidly changing new world. Brix'n-mortar it seems I must explore.


* The attached image, like an architect's plans, needs spreading out on the table. On screen means you'll have to zoom in and scroll around.


Tim x




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