Re: Loaning your Motorhome to someone

On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 02:26 PM, Peter S wrote:
I turned a car and caravan round to face the wrong way on M40 over 20 years ago. Burst tyre. Why we have a motorhome now.
I never considered a Caravan when we were swapping from camping in a tent and this largely down to an accident that literally missed us by about 10 metres, when we were traveling up from Exmoor on the M5 to Bristol. We were in the outside lane thankfully doing 70ish and in the slow lane a big Toyota Land Cruiser towing a Caravan a big one too, it was trundling along at about 50ish. Just as we were drawing level and for no discernible reason the Caravan started snaking, which pulled the Land Cruiser all over the place. As we past, the driver over compensating trying to control the rig, it swerved behind us, I honestly thought it was going to hit us, it smashed into and partly over the central reservation. Carnage, how it hit no other vehicles I'll never know, more luck than judgement.

Two reasons to remember that day, the other was far more tragic. It was the 11th Sept 2001.

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