Re: Covid 19 Jabs

Carol Weaver

Thanks for that. We are staying at Baltic Wharf but never use the site facilities anyway so hopefully we’ll be ok. Keeping safe 


On Wed, 31 Mar 2021 at 20:15, Bennett Family via <> wrote:
Carol to Don> “Good to hear you are now ok, another few weeks for 2nd jab to be A0K”.

It’s as well to remember that “AOK” is, at best, around 90% protection against COVID. Which means 1 in 10 will still contract it if they come in close proximity to an infected person for a reasonable length of time - particularly if indoors, however, in the main they will be less severely affected.

So it’s still social distancing, masks and outside meeting wherever possible for me despite having had the 2 jabs. In fact not much will change. I’ll not be hugging anything other than very close relatives and trees. I’ll also forgo the site facilities and avoid inviting anyone into our van.

Stay safe - stay very cautious.

> On 31 Mar 2021, at 14:06, Carol Weaver <corconx@...> wrote:
> Good to hear you are now ok, another few weeks for 2nd jab to be A0K.

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