Re: Peggy Pegs Order

Alan Morris

On Sun, 21 Mar 2021 at 10:44, Carol Weaver <> wrote:

It will start causing problems soon with spare parts!
Remoaners, scaremongers, project fearers, etc were all ignored, but
now the UK is experiencing what was forecast.

In the amateure radio world, we are already seeing many examples of
European manufacturers and suppliers no longer supplying to the UK.
Those that do are seeing excessive charges from carriers before

I ordered another Logitech BT mouse from Amazon UK on the 18th.
Delivery (Prime) expected 24th March as coming from an EU warehouse.

I've got a friend in Germany with his address on my Amazon UK account
for about 10 years. I would order for him to bring over on his next
visit to the UK, or I'd collect when I visited him.

But Covid has stopped this.


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