Re: Schengen & IDPs

timsinc Sinclair

OMG - IDPs...?? Talk about drowning roaming dreams in bureaucracy and
acronyms. Never mind Google, Amazon, census demands, DVLA, the NHS et
al, we have Schengen demands that we can prove that we are a living,
identifiable human being.

So understandable is the lure of going off-grid and just be a motorhome gipsy!

Campervan Tim

On 18/03/2021, Mick Potter via
<> wrote:
Following the discussion about Schengen, 90/180 days, etc, I asked a friend
who travels abroad for work with Rolls Royce if he knew anything useful.

He had no knowledge about visas, but said:

"Our travel office are advising that despite Brexit there are no visa
requirements for any European states. However, some are now insisting that
those driving into the country will need IDPs (Get one at your local Post
Office ... your driving licence, passport photo and £5.50 required). If you
are flying into eg. Italy and hiring a car there is no need for IDP. You
should check this before you set off ... or just get an IDP in case."

I thought that I wouldn't need an IDP for taking the 'van to Europe, but it
seems that I might have to get one (or two if I want to go to Spain *and*



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