Re: Binoculars

James Cheney

I bought an Opticrom monocular, no stereo vision but being less than half the size makes it great for hiking and also takes up less room in the MH.


On 25 Feb 2021 17:54, Ernest Bull <ernb32@...> wrote:

Essential motorhoming kit, I always thought. I always had a pair on hand, but are you like I me? A spectacle wearer. The nearsighted and those, like me, with a squint finish up, as I did, using just one eye to try and make sense of things in the far distance. Well, my Margaret found the solution.

Celestron NatureDX binoculars. Nearsighted and with a squint to boot, I can focus on anything using both eyes. From my flat in Lawrence Hill, Bristol, I can clearly see the detail of the TV mast in East Dundry - about 8 miles away.

Pricey, but highly recommended and worth the money.


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