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Is it the 8x42 Ernie ?

On 25 February 2021 17:54:42 GMT, Ernest Bull <ernb32@...> wrote:
Essential motorhoming kit, I always thought. I always had a pair on hand, but are you like I me? A spectacle wearer. The nearsighted and those, like me, with a squint finish up, as I did, using just one eye to try and make sense of things in the far distance. Well, my Margaret found the solution. 

Celestron NatureDX binoculars. Nearsighted and with a squint to boot, I can focus on anything using both eyes. From my flat in Lawrence Hill, Bristol, I can clearly see the detail of the TV mast in East Dundry - about 8 miles away.

Pricey, but highly recommended and worth the money.
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