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What’s FIT Alan?


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> Must admit I've always been a TomTom guy but have read good reports about Garmin
> What I don't like about TomTom is they withdraw support far too early - I've got the TomTom 1005 Camper version but have had problems (along with a lot of other owners!!) after TomTom did a supposed upgrade

I've had only two TomToms, the first bought after my Garmin 2610
failed due to heavy use and old age.  The Garmin claimed replacement,
a 765T, could never be considered a true replacement as it lacked so
many features of the 2610.  (Carol has owned both.)  So I bought the
TomTom with claimed regularly updated maps, which I updated just
before going to France.  In France I found that these maps were older
than a handheld Garmin that had maps that were three years old!

One section had me driving about 300 metres to the east of the road I
was navigating on.  The voice kept telling me to turn left and right
every few yards as it attempted to get me on to the road I was
actually on.  I bought TomToms first camper GPSr, but it was only a
truck version with a different name.  So back to Garmin.

My first Garmin, a GPS-75, bought in 1976, started to hang out of
warranty.  Fortunately Garmin replaced it with a refurbished one for

More recently my Garmin GPSMAP 276Cx bricked itself during an update.
I removed the battery to reduce weight and returned only the GPSr.
Within about 4 days, I received a brand new complete package.  Now
that's excellent service.  So I now have a spare everything, including
the battery.

Garmin however are no longer very good with their Windows/Mac based
software.  But I guess the likes of me (collectors of waypoints and
tracks) are now few and far between and this software gets little use.
It's now all about sharing FIT and current location, much loved by
younger folk.


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