Re: Interesting new small Motorhome/camper

timsinc Sinclair

Thanks, Phil. A great idea I took up several years ago on a different
device but can't remember the app.

Anyway, downloaded Pressreader on my Android tablet but cannot see
anywhere, including under settings, where you register your library
'as the server'. Any hints?

Also, I assume it's only the iPressreader that offers translations.


On 22/01/2021, Phil <> wrote:
As we all have a bit of extra time to spare at the moment, if you would like
to look at some different magazines - take a look at what's available for
FREE via the library service.

French mags "Camping Car" and Le Monde du Camping Car" are both available
via *Pressreader* (Camping Car doesn't show every month) and Practical
Motorhome is available via *RB Digital

* All you need is your electronic library card, login to the program (App
free on iPad Android) - register your local library area ( I am West Sussex
County Council) as the server - put in the card number and you're good to

Note: There is an option to pay - Ignore this and register for FREE library

I get my daily paper this way anywhere in the world that I can get a bit of
WiF, it all downloads to the device so available for when the wifi is gone,
plus a number of the walking and trail magazines are auto delivered - there
are literally 1000+ titles available from all around the world.

Seriously it's a very good service provided by the library and the big plus
point is iPressreader has a built in auto translator in the app so you can
look at the French text then just tell it to automatically translate to
English , page turning does work and you therefore have a English magazine
to read.

Works best on a tablet - iPad or Android up to about 5 years old - OK on a
laptop but not so easy to "Page Swipe"

Le Monde du Camping Car last month had an interesting feature and mentioned
the legal status of overnight stops in France.

Enjoy reading



*It'll all be OK in the end. If it's not OK, it's not the end*

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