Re: TomTom Offer

Buff and Hugh

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 07:12 PM, Carol Weaver wrote:
Or possibly where i might find them. I’m assuming Archies is still going but had a lot of errors in them in the garmin
Buff you used to know where?  Can you help?
Carol, Hugh here. Buff doesn't get involved with this forum any more.

When I last downloaded Archies POIs I got them from Archiescampings.
You click on the region or selection that you want. The download is a zip file containing POIs in a variety of formats (Garmin, Navman, TomTom, GPX, etc)

I'm not sure whether this answers your question.

I've not had a problem with them. I don't know about accuracy. I've never used them much, but have them as a backup in case other sources (park4night or our own POIs or whatever) don't provide the information we want.


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